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Large Buick logoBuick powered machines are known for sh** loads of torque and JBA combines the right parts to these strong light weight cast iron block terrors to assure you can shock the rat or FE next door.

Big Bore in Buick lingo means real “big bore”. Starting with a 4.310 bore, a big block 455 Buick at the local track or cruise night will shock any unsuspecting brand X. The 400 Buick and limited production 430 were both high torque engines with a long 3.90 stroke that when combined with factory stock serious compression, produced over 400 ftb of torque, stock. The advent of the big heads featuring improved oversize ports on the 455, even though the compression level dropped, further pumped up the horsepower and torque. The Stage 1 performance models blended the best of original parts and were the epitome of Buick power, only eclipsed by the over the counter factory optional Stage 2 cylinder heads and cam package.

The small block 350 is physically smaller but is a solid small block performer for those that dare to be different and need to use production parts. They were very prevalent in midsize 60’s and 70’s Buick passenger cars.

At JBA we specialize in Buick’s built to perfection whether you use it for a street machine or track warrior or river jet boat. The availability of aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads provides the foundation for increased power whether stock stroke or big stroke combination is your goal. The blueprinting of the oiling system including the external oil pump and cover can combine with shot peened stock rods with aircraft grade bolts or H beam aftermarket rods to maximize longevity. Factory cast iron crankshafts are externally balanced to perfection or can be superceded with a steel aftermarket crank.

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